Re-discovering My Priorities

Founders are special for two reasons.

Maybe the most obvious is you took on the challenge to be a founder in the first place.

Second, your decisions have a disproportionate impact on business success.  What you say goes and ‘the buck stops with you.’

But what happens when you lose sight of the future, when stagnation has set in, and when you’re low on decision making confidence? Here’s a proven process.

Re-discovering My Priorities starts with where you are now
  • Taking a whole-Life view. Appraising what you care about most, both personally and professionally.   As a founder, unless we understand where you are in private and at work, we are only working with half the picture.

We generate an honest, authentic, whole-life picture of your challenges and concerns from the outset to identify contributing themes and issues.

You’ll select from 12 topics.  6 personal, 6 organisation across 90+ data points and we build out the contributing factors feeding your inertia.

  • Priorities. Across challenges you now see, how do you chose your priorities for action? Its rare that change in one area is isolated, often having impact or unintended consequences elsewhere.

I will support you in appraising your chosen priorities as a whole and condense any actions to manageable numbers.

Our objective here is clarity in thought and activity that leads to a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.

It’s difficult to work with you if you’re unable to take a whole-life approach. By investigating both sides of your world, you define your challenges, investigate your potential solutions, your decisions, and evaluate your priorities.

Where and how? Remotely via zoom. This is supported by a bespoke application that we share and use together to record thinking and build decisions and plans.

Programme length. You should plan on an 4-week schedule.

Founders only. Re-discovering My Priorities is designed exclusively for founders. You will be engaged in….

  • An initial whole-Life appraisal session of approximately a half day.
  • Diarised, non-changeable, one-to-one calls comprising 1 hour in each week
  • 3 1-hour monthly change support calls during implementation (up to 3 months).

Deliverable. A proven process lead by me, a set of decision recommendations based on priority.

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