Virtual Commercial Director Service

As you build change you may benefit from access to specific experience.

If implementation requires longer-term support, and the relationship is right, I have a Virtual Commercial Director Service.

Why commercial and not other disciplines? Commercial know-how is often the biggest skill deficit in growing businesses. A non-executive source of experience to tackle challenges monthly.

Where does this add value?
  • Accessibility. An experienced, independent second opinion can help. Particularly for the more far-reaching decisions.  Sharing the issue, receiving impartial, focused feedback.
  • Topics. Ranging typically across performance, sales, positioning, and people.
  • Momentum. Over-deliberation may bring its own issues.  Here we look to injecting fresh impetus and perspective.

Where and how? Remotely via telephone.

Founders only. Exclusively for founders.

Deliverable. Retained service, 2-3 interactions per month comprising a 1-hour call including off-line analysis.  Notes provided to supplement the discussion.

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