Exit Planning Support

First, let me define what I mean by ‘Exit Planning’.

Chances are you will only sell your business once (yes, selling a business twice is a thing, but usually after buying it back).

So getting it right really matters.

This service is focussed on you as founder maximising sale value.

We work on making the business as attractive as possible to prospective buyers.

There’s a common misconception that exit planning is something you wait to do near the time.  This isn’t good business.  Why? Well, the outcomes of exit planning unearth problems.  Left unfixed, they will reduce the value of your business. Without planning, it may be too late in the day to get them fixed.  So it’s better to find out early so you can maximise your sale value.

Exit planning can be triggered by lots of things; your energy (or lack of it), the time being right, a great market to sell to, a great year. Sometimes an interested party comes along, out of the blue.

To maximise sale value there are a pre-selected set of data-points we consider.  As with my other programmes, they are a mix of personal and organisational factors.

We use your response to confirm your personal and financial needs and to shine a light on your operation.  Improving your attractiveness and building a picture of your perfect deal is a sharp focus.

Our objective is securing your optimum sale by getting you and the business ready.

In context of pre-exit planning, you might seek clarity around…

  • Managing for profit – taking decisions to maximise EBIT.
  • Valuation spoilers – that reduce your optimal outcome.
  • Valuation enhancers – beyond purely the numbers and EBIT.
  • Prioritising for impact – a key consideration if time is paramount.
  • Succession management – to place expertise and capability in key disciplines.
  • Your post-exit commitment – what are you prepared to do and for how long?
  • Existing client management – and their on-going importance.

Where and how? Remotely via zoom. This is supported by a bespoke application that we share.  It records thinking, builds decision and planning evidence.

You will also supply a set of data, financial and planning, that I will use for analysis.

Programme length. Minimum of 1 week in elapsed time.

Founders only. Deciding To Grow is designed exclusively for founders. You will be engaged in…

  • Half-day overview conversation with founder(s).
  • Completion of your responses to the fact find.
  • Combined analysis of all data provided.
  • Half-day session to review findings and recommendations.

Deliverable. A proven process lead by me, a set of decision recommendations based on priority.

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