Re-energising My Future

Re-energising My Future, my service most used as the entry point by founders, is a rare opportunity to shortcut your growth.

The service is exclusively designed for founders in founder-run tech and service businesses.

Clients use the service when they have a stubborn issue that is stopping their progress.

It delivers a dispassionate, objective, progressive appraisal to prompt change, priority, action, and vitality.

The Re-energising My Future service is a proven shortcut to growth.

Founding my first of several service companies in 1991, Re-energising My Future is built for founders on hard won life and business failure and success.

By using these learnings, it shortcuts your learning and accelerates your business growth.

So how do we work together?

Fit is first.  We arrange a brief chat about your circumstances and check if Re-energising My Future will work for you.  You can contact me by email, phone (+44 (0)7825 220167) or through the contact form. If the fit is there, we move on.

Information is next.  A commercial agreement covering deliverables, engagement terms, non-disclosure/confidentiality, and information I will need for initial analysis will be sent for your signature and return.  I will prepare and send an invoice.  On payment, you compile send across the information requested, and we set a date for our first session, your Founder’s Day.

Your Founder’s Day, is where we begin.  It’s a moment in time for you to provide me with an overview to your own journey so far.

We cover your challenges as you see them, and aspirations for the future.

Over the next 8 weeks we’ll meet a minimum of every 2 weeks to review insights, progress decision making, and give you next steps to complete. Using both your personal and organisation situations, we work through 4 modules.

  • A fact find of what to Include in your decision making : Identifying the Contributing Factors from over 90 data-points, both personal and organisational, that are underlying key problems and require attention, along with their potential solutions
  • How to Interrogate your thinking : Using situational awareness to build actions and priorities
  • Change Incubation : Considering the combined effect and potential scenarios of change to confirming the decisions made
  • Change Implementation : A unique, costed, individual plan to make the decisions taken happen

Your circumstances are unique to you.  What we work on depends entirely on your world.   As we uncover issues, we’ll address them by considering the related contributing factors, how they interact, where the priorities are, and shape decisions to fix things.

Support as you change comes in the form of telephone or email over a period of up to 3 months that includes a maximum of 3 significant interactions.

Many founders see progress from our very first engagement, for others, depending on the significance of the changes required, change happens more gradually over a longer-term. An integral part of decision evaluation is ‘doability’, measured against potential impact, so quick-wins may be early outcomes.

Where and how? Over recent times, Re-energising My Future has been delivered remotely via zoom.  This is supported by a bespoke application that we share and use together.  We record thinking and build decisions and priorities. Geography allowing, I deliver Founder’s Day sessions on-site.

Programme length. You should plan on an 8-week schedule. Change support covers the 3 months adjacent to the implementation plan completion.

Founders only. Re-energising My Future is designed exclusively for founders. You will be engaged in….

  • Information gathering from across your business
  • An extended Founder’s Day initial session of 2-3hrs
  • Diarised, non-changeable, one-to-one calls, comprising around 8 hours
  • Up to 3 change support calls during implementation

Deliverable. A proven process lead by me, a set of decision recommendations, a risk/reward considered implementation plan to fix issues.

Qualifying criteria. Re-energising My Future is most effective if your organisation has minimum annual billings in the last FY c. £250,000. If you are not at this point, the Re-discovering My Priorities service may provide direction and energy.

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