Millions of reasons to make better decisions early.

Are you thinking about selling your business?

Then my advice is to start the planning as early as possible.

It gives you time to get in shape for the optimum sale outcome.

A future exit is a goal for many.

When the time comes, attracting buyers and maximising business desirability is likely high on the list of your priorities.

And to do that requires preparation and the time to make changes.

Exit planning raises a lot of questions such as:-

Who do you want to sell too? How much for? When do you wish to sell? Is how your people are treated post-sale a concern? Where are the red lines? Do you have a buyer short-list? What about you post-sale?

Boiling down to the question of :

‘How do I maximise the price I can get for my business?’

The truth is the earlier you start thinking about this the better.

Having the time to make and successfully implement the right decisions here is literally worth millions.

Sadly, the reverse is true too.

The Exit Planning process and framework is where we can support a better exit outcome.

In context of pre-exit planning, you might seek clarity around…

  • Profitability – identifying how to maximise EBIT.
  • Valuation spoilers – that reduce your optimal outcome.
  • Valuation enhancers – beyond purely the numbers.
  • Prioritising for impact – a key consideration if time is paramount.
  • Structural efficiency – to place expertise and capability in key disciplines.
  • Your post-exit commitment – what are you prepared to do and for how long?
  • Existing client management – and their on-going importance.

You may also have a founder’s instinct for what will make the difference.

Most founders only sell the business once.

My Exit Planning service will support you in getting the most for it.

You can reach me here.

Let me know if can help. Being a founder can be a lonely place, I know because I’ve been there myself, and it’s something that would be worth fixing.