If you’re walking in circles get a new map.

There’s a farm not far from here where at the end of the summer the crop is harvested and the tall 7 foot stalks are left in place.

The farmer, ever the entrepreneur, then takes a little time to create a maze from the maize. It’s a great idea and brings in extra revenue, attracting a whole new audience to the farm.

In early autumn evenings, as dusk falls, families have great fun entering the maze, guessing the right way to go.

They take the wrong turns, bumping into the same people they saw five minutes ago, and ending right back where they started.

It’s great fun to begin with, but after a while, the evening gets a little darker and a little colder.

That’s when even the most enthusiastic maze walkers just want to make progress and get moving.

So the farmer, understanding that this should be a fun outing, sends helpers to move through the maze handing out a simple map to those who want it.

And it’s no surprise that maps are pored over, spirits lift, the cold and dark are forgotten.

The previously lost maze-dwellers march confidently through the maze and finally to their exit.

When I first engage with Founders we start drawing up their map to get them moving again, sometimes to their exit.

As we begin to create and use the map, Founders feel the same injection of confidence, pace and progress as the chilly maze walkers.

Business becomes more purposeful, frustration evaporates and, dare I say it, through making quality decisions, fun again.

The Deciding To Grow framework begins with

  • a 360 degree view of your world
  • we choose what is important to you
  • from 90 datapoints
  • 12 modules, 6 personal, 6 organisational

And we build your highly-personal map together.

Your map that shows you

  • where you are
  • where you want to go
  • and how you are going to get there

If you’re stuck in your own field of 7 foot stalks and feel the need for a new map, drop me a line before the chill really sets in.


Let me know if can help. Being a founder can be a lonely place, I know because I’ve been there myself, and it’s something that would be worth fixing.