Founders, how did you get here? A few thoughts from Talking Heads

How did I get here (where here is your present situation)?

Ever thought this?

I certainly have.

For me it has meant the surprise of something great or the realisation of something not so great.

How about you?

When are the times in your life when you’ve had a moment where you’ve taken stock?

And when you have, are you where you thought you’d be at this time?

Or maybe you haven’t had chance in a while, because life is just a bit too busy.

A favourite song of mine is Once in a Lifetime by the New York band Talking Heads. You may know of it.

IMO it’s a masterpiece.

The lyrics in my interpretation describe a moment of profound reawakening in life.

Some of the key phrases that repeat are ’you may find yourself’, ‘letting the days go by’ and ‘same as it ever was’.

No matter when I hear this song it always gives me a jolt makes me reflect on where I am now.

And then I can’t help but evaluate this against where I thought I would have been.

Which brings the realisation that, to a large degree, if we’re lucky, life outcomes are shaped by our decisions.

Quality decisions are a fundamental building block of my work with Founders.

In fact, Personal Expectations is the very first module in Deciding To Grow framework.

It’s concerned with your personal ambitions for you and your business.

We look at your aspirations and personal goals long before we touch on business.

By re-discovering these ambitions it’s possible to understand the need for aligned, high-quality decisions.

It relates directly to my purpose which is :-

Working with Founders
to bring to life
your chosen future

Founders start businesses because they have a chosen future in mind.

Checking where you are against that future is an important action of self-awareness.  You can start here.

If you think the ‘water is holding you down’, let’s have a chat.

Once In A Lifetime
Songwriters: B. Eno / C. Frantz / T. Weymouth / D. Byrne / J. Harrison
Once in a Lifetime lyrics © Wb Music Corp., Mca Music Ltd., E.g. Music Ltd., Wallyworld Music, Mr. Bolton’s Music, Lorimar Music Bee Corp., Status One Music, Index Music, Inc.

Image : Vinicius “amnx” Amano

Let me know if can help. Being a founder can be a lonely place, I know because I’ve been there myself, and it’s something that would be worth fixing.