Differentiation? “It’s the Real Thing”. Ask Coca-Cola.

It's the Real Thing

I don’t drink Coke, do you?

I’ve never really got into the habit of sugary drinks, but people around the world just love it.

Coke is such a massive brand and successful business.

A few years ago, for some reason the people at Coke changed the recipe and taste.

There was outrage, people went crazy, and sales dropped.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before they re-instated the original recipe.

The world could once again enjoy their daily fix of their favourite fizzy drink.

Differentiation is powerful

Don’t you think it must be wonderful to have product or service where clients and customers go bonkers if it changes?

And they can only buy it from you.

The recipe for Coke IS their uniqueness. 

No-one else has it, and if you want an original Coke, you buy it from Coke. 

Not Pepsi, Coke.

The original Coca-Cola Formula is a massively guarded secret, you can read about it here.

How does your business rate for differentiation?

In our world, few businesses are in such a strong position.

For example, many service organisations operate in an oversupplied market.  

They don’t enjoy the Coke advantage of absolute differentiation based on one of the 5 senses.  

In my work with founders, when growth slows, it can slow due to any number of reasons. 

The Deciding To Grow framework has 12 unique modules designed to quickly identify the Contributing Factors stalling your growth.

Modules 11 and 12 deal with your Proposition and your Positioning.

If we think that differentiation is holding you back we use these modules to guide our thinking.

It’s a quick process that identifies the issues which sometimes haven’t been considered for ages. 

The outcome is very often a surprising set of ideas and actions for change that create new growth opportunities.

Differentiation powers growth

For one recent founder, a change to their positioning and pricing helped them to double revenue in less than 12 months.

Here’s the thing.

Very few businesses are Coca-Cola.

But very few actually create differentiation using what they have.

Maybe now is a good time to create your very own ‘Secret Formula’.

Image: Paul Gaudriault


Let me know if can help. Being a founder can be a lonely place, I know because I’ve been there myself, and it’s something that would be worth fixing.