My Why?


Hi, I’m David Peters, a consultant specialising in supporting founders with businesses in the service and technology markets. 

I work exclusively with business founders, a privilege that gives me focussed insight into the type of challenges they face as they and their businesses develop together.

Founders use my services when :-

  • a stubborn problem, often but not always business growth, feels very tough to fix
  • they want to plan their business sale for the best possible price at exit
  • they’d benefit from consistent monthly commercial and strategic support   

In 1991, I co-founded my first business in IT services.

And I was good at selling and implementing IT systems.

However, I found after a few years that being good at my discipline wasn’t enough.

Unfortunately, making business decisions was very different to helping clients with their IT.

I lost my way and it was a painful experience, emotionally and financially. 

Yes it was a learning experience, but it was extremely costly in many ways.

And I soon realised that as a founder I wasn’t alone.

Why founders can get stuck

I discovered that it’s very natural for some founders to reach a point where they cannot fix the issues that are stopping them from moving forward. 

It’s not a fault, quite the contrary, it’s absolutely understandable.  

Founders start businesses because they are great at what they do.

But they don’t have lots of experience in making and implementing business decisions.

And it’s the quality of business decisions that make the difference to their growth and success.

It’s the reason that I created Deciding To Grow, to give founders support in making better business decisions.

So they don’t have to go through the pain I did.

Once a founder, always a founder

Deciding To Grow has helped founders to achieve a range of outcomes; refreshing energy and impetus, stimulating growth, and, when exiting, an optimised business sale. 

I’ve always enjoyed great satisfaction when working with founders.  

They have a story to tell about what got them fired up and how they have made it to where they are now.

They go for their dreams in spite of the challenges to be faced.

I’m a multiple founder too.

Prospective clients want to know what I can bring to helping them.

It’s a combination of my experience (successful and not so successful), relevance, and empathy, backed with a strong track record of positive outcomes using a proven framework.

Here’s some recent examples of helping founders to fix issues and get growing again.

Working directly with founders to help fix their growth issues and create…

  • Sustainable revenue growth over 100% year-on-year
  • Profitability (EBITDA) improvements of 200%+ 
  • New business/market opportunities through brand/product repositioning 
  • Growth within the Enterprise market
  • Senior team restructuring 
  • Succession planning when founders wish to become less operational 
  • Confidence when founders become CEOs
  • Multi-million pound business exits
  • Equity investment via share transactions
  • Investment pitches 

Career highlights and positions held

  • Creating Deciding To Grow for the founder community
  • Founded and Co-founded tech and service businesses
  • Strategic Board Director of a global corporate UK subsidiary 
  • Board Director of a global advertising UK subsidiary
  • Business owner
  • IT Sales Director 
  • Systems Programmer 

Every founder issue is unique

It’s good to remember that each business is unique, as are founder circumstances.

Deciding To Grow is a framework with the flexibility to support founders with various issues to fix.  

My passion is seeing a founder who has become stuck revitalise their world and their business.

It brings me great fulfilment but most importantly, for the founder, it brings to life their chosen future. 


Deciding To Grow




“Deciding To Grow is a very insightful planning process to help business owners understand their true drivers and motivations. Accurate thinking translated into truly desirable outcomes.”

Business founders don’t get stuck because they are not good at what they do. It’s because they find making quality business decisions increasingly difficult over time.

Typically around :

  • Identifying and isolating what ’s in your way across competing personal and organisational issues to create a positive focus for growth or sale.
  • Interrogating thoroughly your identified issues and using techinques to distil them to reveal your true priorities.
  • Incubating your thinking; taking the time to form your priorities to for relevance and potential impact.
  • Implementation and working out how to get this done within your constraints.

Drop me a line and let’s see if I can help.


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